Weekly Newsletter 9/15/2014

Global markets moved lower this past week in the midst of very light economic data releases.  The move lower in both bonds and stocks appears to be driven by currency flows and interest rates.  Recent releases, speeches and meeting minutes from the … [Read more...]

Weekly Newsletter 9/8/2014

Global investing markets registered a relatively quiet week.  Global economic data releases were equally as quiet but a few important releases were reported.  Starting here in the US, the Institute of Supply Management’s (ISM) monthly report on … [Read more...]

Weekly Newsletter 9/3/2014

Other than Japan, global markets moved up this past week on mostly positive economic data releases from the US in particular.  While geopolitical tensions persist, investors appear to be more tuned into the central banks reassurances of continued … [Read more...]

Weekly Newsletter 8/25/2014

Global stock markets moved higher last week although light on economic data points.  Trumping most everything from this past week was the annual Jackson Hole, WY Economic Symposium which is hosted by the Kansas City Federal Reserve.  Each year the … [Read more...]

Weekly Newsletter 8/18/2014

Global equity markets rose fairly steadily into the end of the week when a number of economic data points and ongoing turmoil in Ukraine ushered in volatility.  The mixture of political tensions in Ukraine and a weakening European economy gave … [Read more...]

Weekly Newsletter 8/11/2014

Global markets were widely mixed this past week. Although the week was relatively quiet from an economic data release standpoint, it was surely full of geopolitical news points. The current investing environment continues to offer up confusing risk … [Read more...]

Weekly Newsletter 8/4/2014

Global stocks moved significantly lower last week in the midst of mixed economic and geopolitical news. As the market sagged through the week, many commentators began to question if the weakness in markets was the beginning of what is assumed to be … [Read more...]

Weekly Newsletter 7/28/2014

Global stocks were mixed this past week as global geopolitical stress twisted and turned investor attitudes. As is often the case, volumes in stocks continue to be light with bumps higher in volumes on down days. Market participation is still broad … [Read more...]

Weekly Newsletter 7/21/2014

Global stocks registered a positive week in the face of increasing geopolitical tensions. A number of institutional investors used the past week as an opportunity to buy dips in the market. Oftentimes market dips as a result of geopolitical tensions … [Read more...]

Weekly Newsletter 7/14/2014

Global stocks dropped across the board last week spurred on by news that Portugal's largest bank is in 'serious financial condition' according to the county's central bank. The news of the bank's troubles sent already shaky global stocks lower and … [Read more...]