About Henry Becker

Henry L. Becker, Jr., CFP® has 15 years of experience in the financial services and investment advisory business. Henry is the Director of Research and Investment Strategy for Lighthouse Wealth Management. In addition, Henry is a world traveler (23 countries and counting), blogger, Hemingway reader, historian, Austrian economist, Roman history enthusiast, mountain biker, and skier.

Weekly Newsletter 03/30/2015

Global equity markets moved lower this past week on weak economic data and concerns of a slowing global economy. The significant economic data point of note from the US last week was the drop in durable goods orders last month as reported by the US … [Read more...]

Weekly Market & Economic Update 3/2/2015

Global markets registered a sideways move this past week as economic data inspired investors to continue to question the fate of interest rates. The big questions are: will they raise rates or won't they raise rates, and if they do, how much? The … [Read more...]

Weekly Market & Economic Update 2/23/2015

Global markets jumped up this past week primarily driven by the release of the US Federal Reserve (FED) Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting minutes. The FOMC minutes gave global markets some reassurance that interest rates will continue to … [Read more...]

Weekly Newsletter 9/30/2014

Global equity markets slid through most of this past week but gained some ground on Friday. Global investors are still trying to feel their way through the dark in regards to the short-term fate of interest rates. Just as political uncertainty can … [Read more...]