Welcome to Reading the Compass!

The blog is presented for your entertainment, education and enjoyment by the research staff at Lighthouse Wealth Management.  This blog is a hodgepodge of economic and financial data with the goal of presenting what professional money managers are looking at, considering and writing about.

henry nice very smallOur research staff is headed up by Henry L. Becker, Jr., CFP® who has 15 years of experience in the financial services and investment advisory business.  In addition, Henry is a world traveler (23 countries and counting), blogger, Hemingway reader, historian, economist, Roman history enthusiast, mountain biker, skier, son, husband, father, and brother.

john 5050As a member of the research staff, John Kelly, MBA brings his unique background to Reading the Compass. With the help of his education and experience, John often tackles financial issues from a sociological perspective, providing the reader with a specialized vantage point of contemporary finance. Additionally, John is an athlete, business owner, philanthropist, coach/mentor, movie enthusiast, brother, son, and friend.

Blog picRounding out the research staff, Katy Hartz, MBA, contributes her own perspective to the team. With previous training in Marketing and French, her perspective offers a mixture of macroeconomic, cultural, and client-focused experiences. Growing up with a father in the financial services industry, Katy lived the community-based aspect of financial services and looks forward to offering this view point to the reader.  In addition, Katy is a baker (with a specialty in chocolate), athlete, perpetual student/learner, volunteer, blogger, Nittany Lion, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, and soon-to-be wife.